What Time of Year Is Best for Window Washing?

While just about anyone can appreciate a sparkling clean window pane, you’d be surprised at just how deep the benefits of clean windows can actually be. While they can often be overlooked, clean windows are actually one of the most essential parts of your home’s appearance. So keeping them cleaned should always be a high priority.  

You may not want to spend a bunch of time or money getting them clean before the next brutal storm. However, while you can’t control the weather patterns, you can control the state of your windows and there is never really a bad time to have your windows professionally cleaned.

People often associate spring with the season of cleaning — and we all know why. Pollen, pollutants and tree sap never fail to accumulate on windows during as the weather begins to warm, creating a that yellow shade or stickiness on the glass that can be unsightly. 

The good news is that with modern window cleaning methods, which can even incorporate pressure washing, you can have all that spring debris blasted away, leaving only sparkling panes through which the sun can pour. 

While you may feel hesitant to schedule professional window washing services during the long, cold, rainy winter, you should know: rain doesn’t make windows dirty. Natural rain drops actually evaporate without leaving water marks behind. It’s only if your windows are already dirty that rain spots can appear. Which means, it’s actually a better idea to have them cleaned during rainier parts of the year. 

So that leaves us with summer and fall. These are two of the most social months of the year, which means you want to prepare your home for afternoon gatherings. So, of course, you are going to want to make sure your windows—and consequently your home—are looking in optimal condition to receive your guests.